Publish This, LLC has started a new venture to provide a platform for Publishers that allows the Publisher’s titles to be branded and provides a means for the Publisher to establish direct contact with the final customer who registers their purchase with the Publisher.


1.       Total branding of Publisher.

2.       Publisher sets prices.

3.       Searching includes search of Publisher’s titles in its store that have not be purchased.

4.       Registration capability by user allowing direct marketing of new titles to customer.

5.       Store capability of 10,000 titles

6.       Literally 10’s of millions of existing potential customers.


1.       $150 for setting up publisher’s store

2.       ePub files required for platform

3.       Metadata information to promote title

4.       $5 per title typical cost for assembling each title with related material and loading onto the iTunes store.  This cost can be eliminated if you wish to assemble and mount the books yourself internally.  The tools will be supplied for free.

5.       Sales costs:

  • 30% of sale taken by Apple ($100 sale = $30)
  • 20% of net sale to Publish This for technology royalty (from $100 sale = $20)
  • Net to publisher = $50

To help you see the new application, Publish This has created an application with a number of books so Publishers like you can see a “real” iPhone library of books using their software.  This first app below can be downloaded from iTunes, but be sure you are a registered user.  Since the file is over 10mb it is recommend that you download to your PC or MAC and then sync with your iPhone to load the application.  The second is free and can be downloaded directly to your iPhone.

History Classics

Phantom Of The Opera

Publish This is offering,  until the end of the year, to set up a Publisher with their own store; a license for the application software to internally create their own books; and also to convert and load 10 titles for free with a onetime fee of $150 (fee for setting up store).  After that the Publisher pays a 20% of their net revenue (Apple takes 30% from the top of every sale) to Publish This on an ongoing basis.  ePub is the file format required for the  application.

Contact Us:

  • sales [at]

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