SunScroll Features


☆Interface & Design☆

Page blog here Turning, Settings, Menus & Table Of Contents Uniquely Designed
Rich Graphical User Interface
Designed with focus on Reading. Menus and settings check this are out of the way but easily accessible
Intuitive Design

☆Sun Table Of Content System☆

☆3D Page Turning☆




Font Face - Option to choose different font types

Font Size – Adjust font size to make smaller or larger

Text Color - Change the color of the reading text on the screen


Text Alignment - Choose to have text aligned: Left, Right, Center, Justified

Line Spacing - Spacing between each line

Margin Width – Distance between the text and sides of the reader

Link Color - Set color for links

Selection Color – Color for highlighted text


Night Reading – Choose for easier reading at night

Page Turn Sound - Page Turning sound on or off

Lock Rotation – Option to lock reader to portrait mode only

Hide Phone Status - Ability to show or hide the status of the phone/network

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